It’s June, so I finally had to bug ya to Vote & Donate (and Book Us, please)!!

Hi there!  Bet you’ve been wondering where I and the monthly MO Productions blog/newsletter have been.  You have been wondering, right?  Hmmm…  That response seems kind of lackluster.  Guess I’ll chalk that up to it being Tuesday and everyone is tired from the recent heat wave & other wacky weather we’ve had here in Denver.

Such lovely May weather we had!

Such lovely May weather we had!

Look closely at the above photo, folks.  That’s not snow.  That’s HAIL!  We had a tornado touch down about a mile from my home on May 21st, and the photo you see was taken a couple miles north of where the funnel cloud hit.  Luckily, my neighborhood only got a little hail with a bunch of rain & wind that day.  I love cleaning out piles of wet, sloppy, stinky leaves from my gutter, LOL!

Okay, so that’s it?  We had bad weather?  No, my dear people, not at all.  2014 is proving to be a very challenging year for both MO Productions as well as for myself, personally.  It’s rare that I mention my personal life in these missives to you, but I felt it was necessary to give you a little insight as to what’s been going on in my world so that you may better understand the more sporadic blogs/newsletters that I have published this year.  I have had to shift my energies this year and focus a bit less on MO Productions and more on my survival skills.  In short: I am in desperate need of daytime employment.  I haven’t had a full-time job since July of 2012.  What many of you may not realize is that while MO Productions is my “little baby”, this business is not yet at a point that I could make a living off of it.  For over 4 years I was able to find a good balance between my M-F day job and my Murder Mystery biz until the company I worked for downsized in preparation to be sold.  The next thing I knew – POOF!  No job!  There is much more to this story, but what you need to know is that YES, I have been trying to find employment again for quite some time, and have found work during these two years, but nothing that was lasting or financially gainful.  So, if anyone knows of a decent-paying M-F day job that available, please e-mail me at or call me at 303.408.4246.  My two dogs and I would greatly appreciate it!

Marilyn & Jack - My dogs

Marilyn & Jack say “Put our Dad to work so we can go to the park more often!”

Now that I shared with you some of my more negative energy, I think we need to dispel it with TONS of positive energy!!!  I am excited to inform you that I have recently been elected President of the Board of Directors for Aspire, Inc., the brainchild of my friend and MO Productions actor/stage manager, Christopher Michael Judge.  Aspire, Inc. is a fledgling nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting, educating about and redefining philanthropy.  To help aid in our growth, I am donating my upcoming “2nd 21st Birthday”, aka my 42nd, to Aspire, Inc.  How do you donate a birthday?  Simple!  I am looking to find people to donate money to Aspire during the 42 days leading up to July 19th, which is my birthday.  Ideally, I’d love to get 42 donations of $42, but we will accept donations of other amounts, of course.  But the $42 donors will get a nice gift from Aspire, Inc.  The primary donation website is, but you may also make donations smaller than $10 on the Aspire, Inc. Facebook Page.  I got this idea of donating my birthday from Christopher, who is currently doing the same for his 38th birthday.  Now, which campaign should you donate to?  Why, BOTH, of course, LOL!  But, since I realize that may not be in your budget, just donate to my 42/42 campaign, because I have bet Christopher that I can raise more $$ than he can.  So, please, help prove me right!

42-42 FB Event Photo

Okay, I just hit you up for moolah, and now I am going to be bold enough to ask you for a few more minutes of your time… to VOTE!

That’s right!  The Denver A-List is back and voting has begun!  We have been fortunate enough to place as a Finalist for Best Theatre Group for the last 4 years.  Please go and vote for us and help us do it again for a fifth year!  If you’ve never voted, it’s FREE and very simple to register to vote.  You get 1 vote for each category per each e-mail address you register (hint, hint…).  And there are advantages to voting for a number of businesses by way of Voter Deals.  Please, check out the A-List and vote for us, and be sure to pass it on to as many people as you can!  Voting ends August 17th, which will come sooner than you think!  Thank you in advance for your vote!

And a special Thank You goes out to JoAnn Holland and her gang at Alley 15 in their Centennial neighborhood, for whom we will be performing The Return of Sherlock Holmes this Friday as a private home party.  JoAnn saw us perform at Cherokee Ranch & Castle last year and kept us in mind to be the entertainment for her group of neighbors.  We love doing Home Parties, and although our production schedule has been pushed back quite a bit, I am still very much looking forward to writing our NEW Home Party show, Honey, I Think We Killed The Neighbors!

Thank you all, as always, for your continued support and word of mouth advertising.  Even though things are a bit rough here, we are still here.  I cannot thank the small group of very good friends and my family who have been helping me out when needed nearly enough for all they’ve done.  I am so grateful for your help.

Kind Regards,

Matthew D. Osmun – Owner/Director/Actor

MO Productions Murder Mystery Comedy

You’ll Die Laughing!!!



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