That snow means you should come see our holiday show!

Chilly, wintry greetings to all!

It’s a frosty one out there today, for sure!  But the snow is actually warming my heart quite a bit, because what better a backdrop to have for tomorrow night’s opening of Columbo and The Case of The Country Christmas Killer than to arrive at Cherokee Ranch & Castle and see the castle surrounded by a scenic snowy vista!  Yes, I’ve been out on the roads today, and I’ve done my fair share of cursing, believe me.  But by tomorrow night the roads will be fine, including the scenic two mile driveway leading up to the Castle from Daniels Park Rd!  And you should be there to see it!  So, you must call 303.688.4600 TODAY!  Why, do you ask?  Because tomorrow’s opening has limited seating still available that you can still reserve today or tonight, and our December 22nd performance is SOLD OUT!!  That means tomorrow night is your only chance to two-step and line dance with Miss Kitty Bonanza and crew unless you book us for another public performance at the venue of your choice, or do what Martin/Martin, Inc. did and book us for a private performance.  We are thrilled to be the entertainment for the holiday party of one of Colorado’s biggest and best engineering firms!  “Columbo” is available to be booked through January 31st.  Please call 303.408.4246 for info on booking a public or private performance.


MO Productions is also very proud to unveil our latest creative masterpiece…

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Presenting the MO Productions Murder Mystery Tap Shoe Collection Jar for The Denver Actor’s Fund!  This bizarre, silly and slightly frightening object will be on hand for each of our public performances for anyone, including our actors, to drop some spare change or a larger donation.  100% of the funds received will go to The Denver Actor’s Fund, which assists locals actors in various capacities.  We thank the Colorado Theatre Guild and John Moore for providing us the opportunity to support such a worth endeavor!  When our “”There’s Murder “A-foot”” tap shoe is not displayed publicly at a performance, it will be residing with the cast in our Green Room for that night.  To learn more about the Fund, the Tap Shoe Initiative and which other local theatre companies have created their own unique tap shoe, please visit

I will be sending out a brief blog/newsletter next month for an end of the year wrap-up, to update the rezzie status for our January performances of The Grapes of Death: A Vintage Murder Mystery at Wild Women Wine in downtown Denver, and to announce audition info for our next new show, The Dick Van Dead Show, but otherwise I am going into a bit of winter hibernation to finish writing “Dick”, designing and ordering our holiday card and to see what I can put together for my new annual holiday gift to friends and family: a custom photo calendar.  In the meantime, stay warm, stay dry, and if you don’t know how to drive in the snow (like 95% of the people on the road this morning) then stay the Hell off the roads!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and word of mouth advertising!  Hope to see you tomorrow night!

Kind Regards,

Matthew D. Osmun – Owner/Director/Actor/Driver from NJ

MO Productions Murder Mystery Comedy

You’ll Die Laughing!!!


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