We’d be thankful if you could catch one of our 22’s or book a private party!

Columbo and The Case of The Country Christmas Killer - 2013

Hurry and get your rezzies before we sell out!

It’s time to dust off them dancin’ boots and git ready to have a fun time at Miss Kitty’s Christmas Jamboree! Our holiday show for 2013, Columbo and The Case of The Country Christmas Killer opens in just over TWO weeks, folks!  We’re having a special Preview Performance by invitation only on Monday, November 18th, and then you get two options of 22’s to see the show at Cherokee Ranch & Castle – 11/22 or 12/22.

Columbo & The Case of The Country Christmas Killer

@Cherokee Ranch & Castle – 6113 N Daniels Park Rd, Sedalia, CO 80135

November 22nd 7:00-10:30 p.m. – Click here to make your reservation for 11/22.

December 22nd 3:00-6:30 p.m. – Click here to make your reservation for 12/22.

It’s Miss Kitty’s Christmas Jamboree, hosted by Miss Kitty Bonanza, the owner of Miss Kitty’s Saloon, and her daughter who manages the saloon, Hannah Bonanza. Miss Kitty, a long-established society matron, throws this party every year to show off how rich she is. Along with Hannah, in attendance are Billy Ray Butternuts, the line dance instructor at Miss Kitty’s Saloon who seems overly familiar with Miss Kitty, Hannah and just about every other woman in the room, Bobby Ray Buttersquash, Bill Ray’s imbecile cousin who has lived in the shadow of Billy Ray and the Bonanzas his entire life, plus a number of regular patrons, friends and other family. Stumbling upon the festivities is America’s favorite crumpled detective. To say he is a fish out of water at this party is an understatement! When it turns out that everyone isn’t quite so merry at this jamboree, Columbo must solve a mysterious death amidst two-steppin’, line dancin’, booze drinkin’ and Christmas carolin’!! This show is family friendly, however gunshots are fired. At least 6 audience members become characters in the show, so if you have someone you’d like to ‘volunteer’ for us, bring ’em along. Also, be prepared to two-step and line dance so bring your dancin’ boots!

In the Castle Great Hall! $70/person includes limited exploration of the Castle, Performance, Supper Buffet from Gourmet Catering, Dessert and Coffee. Cash bar. Seating is limited so please get your rezzies in at the links above or call 303.688.4600. Doors open promptly at the listed start times and your timely arrival is appreciated by your fellow patrons.

Solve the mystery and win a fabulous prize!  You’ll Die Laughing!!!

“Columbo” is still also available to book for both public and private performances through January 31st, but if are thinking of booking us, please contact us at 303.408.4246 right away, as availability may be challenging!

Tickets are now on sale for The Grapes of Death: A Vintage Murder Mystery at Wild Women Wine! Catch one of our January performances or book a private show at WWW or the venue of your choice!  This show is only available to  wine societies, vineyards, country clubs, fundraisers and private parties!

The Grapes of Death: A Vintage Murder Mystery

It appears someone at the 1942 Vintage of the Year awards dinner is a bit… sour!

Thank you, as always for your continued support and patronage.  I leave you with this fun little ditty, as “performed” by our “Columbo” cast…

Kind Regards,

Matthew D. Osmun – Owner/Director/Actor

MO Productions Murder Mystery Comedy

You’ll Die Laughing!!!


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