You’ve got more than a ghost of a chance to see a show in October!

This is the first of two newsletters this month, folks.  As usual, October is our busiest month of the year, and we are cackling with delight over it!  So, you get a quick-n-dirty blast now, and another will follow in a couple of weeks, just to spread the news evenly!  😉

Antiques Revengeshow

This Friday – 10/4 – @ Cherokee Ranch & Castle

It’s our final Antiques Revengeshow of 2013!  And with only a day left to get your rezzies in we’re making a special offer!  Phone your rezzie in to Tara at 303.688.5555 ext. 2 and mention the secret phrase “creepy doll” to get a $15 discount off your admission!  Don’t miss out on our spookiest show ever performed in the space it was written to be performed in.  It’s never been the same show twice, we are very proud to say!  But you’ll have to come see the show to find out why.  Muahahahahahahahah!!!!

We are also extremely busy rehearsing 4 shows at once right now!  The excitement of being in demand!  More to come later this month, but we are thrilled to bring on board three very talented new actors for Columbo and The Case of The Country Christmas Killer.

More to come soon!  I just need to finalize all the gory details…

Matthew D. Osmun – Owner/Director/Actor

MO Productions Murder Mystery Comedy


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