August is here! That means vote now & come see “Hillbillies”!!

Hello, all you happy people!  Enjoying the wettest summer we’ve had in a while?  I tell ya, a humid July & August is not what I signed up for when I moved to CO 6½ years ago!

Denver A-List 2012 Award Winner - BEST Theatre Group Runner-Up

We are now down to the last 10 days of voting in the Denver A-List contest, and guess what?  We are NOT in 2nd Place!  “Is that good?”, you may ask?  We were 2nd last year when the contest ended.  However, as of today, we are in 4th Place!  Yes, 4th Place, behind last year’s winner, the Denver Center Theatre Company, St. Luke’s Performing Academy, and CYT, who is in 1st Place with more than 90 votes ahead of us!!  😦

However, there is still time to get us out of 4th Place, but only if YOU help us out!  Remember, you can register and vote with each e-mail address that you have.  Placing in this online contest is extremely helpful to a small business like us, and your support would mean everything to us, so please take the few minutes needed to register and vote!  Voting ends August 18th, so please do this sooner than later!!

Buford Mudpatch

And… They’re baaaaack!  One of our zaniest shows, The Hillbillies From Hell, brings Buford & Maybelline Mudpatch and the rest of the Mudpatch family kin together once again at Cherokee Ranch & Castle for a few hours of hootin’ & hollerin’.  This was last year’s highest-attended show at the Castle, and we are excited to have ’em back, this year out under the Veranda Tent.  As with all of our shows at the Castle, reservations are required.  You can make your rezzies online by clicking here.   But hurry, because seats are filling up!

Another nice improvement we’ve made is updating our show survey to a new digital format online.  Every time you come see a show now, instead of filling out a hard copy survey with a pencil you will be able to take out your smartphone and scan the QR code or type in the url and fill out the survey online before you leave the show that night!  It’s our way of reducing a little more paperwork and being Green.  We will have more exciting things to announce next month, once the details are finalized, so stay posted!

Also, those of you on our e-mail newsletter list will notice that this newsletter is not coming from Yahoo! Groups.  We have switched to a new newsletter service, Emailbrain.  We hope this new service benefits you as much as it does us.  Please let us know your thoughts!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and patronage, as well as your word of mouth advertising!  We hope to see you at “Hillbillies” this month, and then the return of Antiques Revengeshow for Sept & Oct.  We continue to grow and expand creatively because of great people like you!

Kind Regards,

Matthew D. Osmun – Owner/Producer/Director

MO Productions


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