Know what 5 year-olds like to be? #1, of course!


You say it’s your birthday? It’s our birthday too!

Look!  Aurora, CO had a huge fireworks display in celebration of MO Productions’ 5th Birthday!  Huh?  They weren’t for us?  Indy Pen Dance Day?  What’s that?  😉

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Here is just a sample of some fun photos taken at our Dress Rehearsal for Match Game Murder Mystery!  Where were these taken at?  Why, Cherokee Ranch & Castle, of course!  What do you mean they don’t look like our other Dress Rehearsal photos?  Oh… You’re talking about the space we’re performing in!  That’s the Veranda Tent out in front of the Castle, silly!

The Veranda Tent

No stuffy Castle for June, July & August!

That’s right!  Summer’s in full-swing, and we experienced our first ever performance out under the tent last month.  How did it go?  Well, let’s just say the evening presented a few challenges for us, primarily in the form of 40+ mph winds all night long that assaulted the walls of the tent.  Now, don’t be alarmed!  Yes, it does get windy at the Castle from time to time, but not usually for an entire day and night.  But we will be prepared for our July 21st performance just in case!

Now for more fun, all you happy campers!  We mentioned this last month.  The Denver A-List is back!!  For the last three years we have been a Finalist, which means we came in under the Top 5 for our category of BEST Theatre Group, and last year we finished an impressive 2nd Place, or Runner-Up.  But as a wise woman once said, 2nd Best is never enough!!  So what can you do?  Vote!  How do you vote?  If you are connected to MO Productions somewhere on the World Wide Web, then you should be practically tripping over the myriad of ways to get your vote in.  We have links on every page of our website.  We have an app on our Facebook Page (Hint – It’s called Vote for Us!).  We created a Facebook Event with a link and explanation.  It’s on my e-mail signature.  And here, you can even just hold up your smart phone to the screen right below:

Winning this contest is incredibly important to us as a small business, so please take a few minutes to register and vote.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.  We look forward to seeing you out under the tent, wind or no wind, for Match Game Murder Mystery on July 21st at 3:30 and The Hillbillies From Hell on August 25th at 3:30.  Also, we are starting to get people inquiring about holiday parties with Murder Mystery, so maybe you should call us too if you’ve ever thought about it or are just thinking about it now for the first time.  Don’t forget: We do Home Parties!

Kind Regards,

Matthew D. Osmun – Owner/Producer/Director

MO Productions


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