MO Pro Needs YOUR Vote! “Hillbillies” Hotter Than Homefries!!

We’re almost there!  I mean almost really there!!

Vote for MO Productions for Best Theatre Group before 8/17!

As I send this blog/newsletter out to you, MO Productions is in 2nd Place for Best Theatre Group in the Denver A-List contest!  That’s right, 2nd Place!!  For the last two years we have come in at a respectable 5th Place, gaining recognition and some bragging rights, but now we actually have a shot of taking 1st Place this year!  However, we cannot maintain our 2nd Place position or overtake the group in 1st Place without your help!!  We have a 20 vote lead on 3rd Place and are 60 votes behind 1st Place.  It may sound like a long-shot, but really it isn’t… IF YOU VOTE!  If every person who reads this blog who hasn’t already voted goes and votes, we will easily take 1st Place.  It’s free, you can actually get some great deals from some of the businesses in the contest when you vote for them, and the only e-mails you get are directly from the contest offering some of those special deals, which you can opt out of.  No hassle.  No SPAM.  So, please, Please, PLEASE click here and vote for us and help reward all the hard effort and wonderful talent that we have here at MO Productions.  Show Denver what you already know: MO Productions is #1!!!  Voting ends midday next Friday, August 17th, and we won’t be able to update you on our standing in the contest after this posting, as they take away that access to the business owners for the last week of the contest.

But… speaking of August 17th… what a Friday this is going to be coming up!  Besides asking everyone we know (and likely some people we don’t) to vote for us before noon that day, we have two, that’s right… TWO performances that evening!  We have our regular monthly public performance at Cherokee Ranch & Castle in Sedalia as well as a private corporate performance at the stunning Westin in Westminster… at the same time!  We luckily had The Hillbillies From Hell scheduled at the Castle for August, which allowed us to offer The Grapes of Death: A Vintage Murder Mystery for the private show by having one of our talented newcomers step into the male actor part for “Hillbillies” that I would normally play.  A huge “Thank you!” to Matthew Davis (most recently seen as one of our Taylor Davenports in Limited Engagement and also the Managing Director of Theatre-Hikes® Colorado, which will be performing The Legend of Sleepy Hollow at the Castle in October) for stepping in for the Buford/Jed roles as well as veterans Rob Purper and Tanya Obernyer for once again blackening out their teeth to yuck it up for y’all.  Extra special thanks to Dan Bergman, our resident Stage Manager, for taking on a new role as Assistant Director for “Hillbillies” and coordinating and working the rehearsals for this performance.  And it will be our first time performing out under the Veranda Tent, so call and get your rezzies in by Monday the 13th, and if you do go, please tip them well!  Here’s the info:

The Hillbillies From Hell – Friday, August 17th – 6:30-9:30
@ Cherokee Ranch & Castle – 6113 N Daniels Park Rd, Sedalia, CO 80135

It’s a family reunion for the Mudpatch clan, hosted by their rich cousin who has one of them there jobs, and Maybelline Mudpatch has brought along her Critter Crispers containers along to sell, a-la Tupperware. There’s some family feudin’ to be had, including between Maybelline and her hubby, Buford. When someone dies, a long-lost relative arrives to help figure things out!

Due to sexual humor this show is rated PG-13. At least 6 audience members become characters in the show, so if you have someone you’d like to “volunteer” for us, bring ’em along!

Under the Veranda Tent!!
VIP Reservations: $65 includes Castle Mini-Tour, Performance, Supper Buffet, Dessert and Coffee. Cash bar. Reservations Hotline: 303.688.4600.  Seating is limited so call to make reservations ASAP! Castle Tours begin at 6:30, so arrive on time if you’d like to take a tour!

Please visit for more details.
Solve the case and win a fabulous prize!!

Meanwhile, the “Grapes” cast will be up in Westminster that same night performing for 250 people for a private corporate event, which will be our largest show ever!  And then we will be back in Westminster again for a private performance of “Grapes” on August 30th as we return to The Ranch Country Club, where we performed last fall for the members.  And then “Grapes” will shuffle off to… Parker for a special fundraiser performance on September 23rd at Vines Wine Bar & Bistro, with proceeds benefiting the Parker Arts Council.  Keep an eye on our website, blog and the Parker Arts Council’s website for more information as we finalize the pricing.  Seating will be limited and you will purchase your tickets online on the PAC’s site.

So, it seems The Grapes of Death: A Vintage Murder Mystery is quickly becoming the show to see and book, folks.  We will offer this show through February 2013.  But you know what else is quite the show to see?  Antiques Revengeshow!!
Susan Rossman as Celestia Moonbarken in "Antiques Revengeshow"

What’s given Celestia Moonbarken such a look of fright?
Come see “Antiques Revengeshow”… and see if you survive the night!

“Antiques” makes its return to Cherokee Ranch & Castle, which is the only place you can see this exclusive show, on September 29th and will be our monthly show there for October and November before we have our biennial holiday treat, Have a Holly Jolly Murder – A Musical Murder Mystery, in December.  “Holly Jolly” is available for booking for parties and other events from mid-November through January 2013, but call 303.408.4246 or e-mail ASAP as we are already filling up slots and blacking out dates!!

Thank you, as always, for your continued patronage, support and word-of-mouth advertising.  And thank you to everyone who has voted and/or will vote for us in the Denver A-List contest.  Placing 1st or 2nd would be a huge victory for us and help us continue to grow and bring you one silly scenario after another.  And trust me, you want us to stick around with the show schedule I have planned in my head.  😉

Kind Regards,

Matthew D. Osmun – Owner/Producer/Director

MO Productions Interactive Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theatre

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