“Will & Grace” Under the Big Tent? Vote for MO Pro!!


Happy end of June and welcome to Summer!!

Anna Nutherplees

Anna Nutherplees can’t wait to see you at her next soirée!

We had a great opening of The Grapes of Death: A Vintage Murder Mystery at the beginning of the month.  In fact, the reception of this show has been so nice that we’ve decided to extended the availability of it until February of 2013!  We are booking this show privately at a number of venues and are also in negotiations for some public venues as well, so keep an eye on our calendar to see if we’ll be coming to your area soon!  And with the extension I’m sure we will have “Grapes” back at Cherokee Ranch & Castle sometime before February.  “Grapes” will be performed at the Castle on Sunday, July 15th for a semi-private event.  If you would like to book a private event at the Castle, please call 303.688.5555.

Our next public show at the Castle will be Friday, July 27th:

Will & Grace: Who Killed Stan? – Friday, July 27th @ 6:30 p.m.

Cherokee Ranch & Castle – 6113 N Daniels Park Rd, Sedalia, CO 80135

Grace has entered Will into a bake-off competition called Cupcake Combat, but Will thinks he’s appearing on Cupcake Wars. He’s even further surprised to learn that Karen and Stan are the sponsors and that Jack is the host of the show. Karen and Stan are also judges for the competition and Rosario is on hand to make sure everything moves along smoothly. Will reluctantly agrees to stay in the competition even after finding out about how he was tricked into the whole thing.

The competition gets underway and we meet the other two contestants, the third guest judge and also some familiar faces as classic comedy and hyjinks ensue. Who we don’t see is Stan, who is sitting in his private dining room anxiously awaiting to eat cupcakes and anything else that comes his way. Just before the winner of the competition is announced, Stan suddenly dies! Two detectives make themselves known and begin an investigation for a grieving Karen.

Due to sexual humor and suggestive adult language, this show is rated PG-13. At least 6 audience members become characters in the show, so if you have someone you’d like to “volunteer” for us, bring ’em along!

Under the Veranda Tent!
VIP Reservations: $65 includes Performance, Supper Buffet, Dessert and Coffee. Cash bar.

Reservations Hotline: (303) 688-4600. Seating is limited so call to make reservations ASAP! Castle Tours begin at 6:30, so arrive on time if you’d like to take a tour!

Solve the mystery and win a fabulous prize!

Visit http://cherokeeranch.org/ for more details.

This show & our show in August will be out under the Veranda Tent, as the Castle becomes too hot in the summer for large groups.  This also means we can increase our audience by over 30 people!  So if you haven’t seen “Will & Grace” yet, NOW is the time!

Will & Grace

What do you mean you’re not coming?!

It’s that time of year: The A-List is back!!!  MO Productions has been fortunate enough to place in the Top 5 for Best Theatre Group the last two years.  We couldn’t have done it without your help!  This online contest allows one vote per category per e-mail address.  There are a ton of great categories and a number of Denver businesses even have great reward offers for voting for them, like our friends at FastFrame of Lodo.  So please register as many e-mail addresses as you can to vote.  It’s free, SPAM-free, you have the opportunity for some great discounted deals as well as the ability to help keep MO Pro on the map for this contest.  The publicity we receive from placing in the Top 5 adds to our “street cred”, so we hope you vote and pass this on to as many people as you can!!  Please vote for us and the following businesses we support and voted for:

Denver A-List

Best Theatre Group – MO Productions

Best Venue – Cherokee Ranch & Castle

Best Custom Framing – FastFrame of Lodo

Best Brunch – 730 South Bar & Grill

Best Irish Pub –Doughety’s Neighborhood Pub

Best Live Music Venue – Dazzle Jazz Club

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and patronage.  Your word of mouth is the best advertising we have!  We hope to see you at a show soon!

Kind Regards,

Matthew D. Osmun – Owner/Producer/Director

MO Productions Interactive Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theatre



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