“Antiques” a Smashing Hit! “Grapes” has a Sold Out Opening, or Does It?!

Happy May, Everyone!  This newsletter is going out a bit late, as we’ve been extremely busy with back-to-back openings a month apart.

Celestia Moonbarken & Mark Bergwall - Antiques Revengeshow

Don’t be scared! We’ll see you in September!!

Antiques Revengeshow had a great opening a few weeks ago!  This new show was written for and will be performed exclusively at Cherokee Ranch & Castle, our new regular monthly venue.  We have received many compliments on the writing and acting for this piece, and we’re especially grateful and proud that the Castle asked us to come up with something just for them!  We’re on a summer sabbatical from the show, but “Antiques” will be back September, October & November before we produce our biannual holiday show, Have a Holly Jolly Murder.  This show will likely sell out long before September rolls around, so if you want to catch our spoof of America’s favorite antiques appraisal show, call Cherokee Ranch &  Castle now!!  303.688.4600.  The Castle will continue to book this show into 2013 and beyond as long as there’s demand.

The Grapes of Death: A Vintage Murder Mystery

Let’s party like it’s 1942!

“Darn, I missed the opening for that show!”  We’ve heard that before, for sure.  And we hate to tell you this, but if you hadn’t already made rezzies for the June 9th opening of our newest show, The Grapes of Death: A Vintage Murder Mystery, you may have to wait until later in the year or possibly next year to see it!  Our June 9th opening has sold out at the Castle, and as of right now we do not have any other public performance booked.  However… there is a chance you can still catch us on June 9th.  How, you say?  The Castle has a waiting list going for the performance, which they normally do for our sold out shows.  However, since we are now in the warmer weather months, the Castle is considering moving the performance from inside the Great Hall of the Castle out to under their Veranda Tent!  This would increase our potential audience size from the 64 person maximum of the Great Hall to over 100 people!  But in order to justify the move out to the Veranda Tent they need a significant number of rezzies called in and put on the waiting list by this Wednesday, May 30th!  So, you have just over a day to call them!  303.688.4600!!  This show will take you back in time to 1942 as the Society of Winemakers Interested in Local Levity meet for their Vintage of the Year awards dinner.  Come rub shoulders members of local high society and some famous Hollywood faces as they try to solve the untimely death of one of their own.  Oh, and don’t forget your swing dancing shoes!!

The Grapes of Death: A Vintage Murder Mystery – Saturday, June 9th 6:30-10:00

Cherokee Ranch & Castle – 6113 N Daniels Park Rd, Sedalia, CO 80135

$60/person includes Castle Mini-Tour, Show, Gourmet Catering Buffet, Tax & Tip.  Cash Bar separate.  Reservations Required.  This show is SOLD OUT but if enough people call to be on the Waiting List the show will be moved from inside the Great Hall to out under the Veranda Tent and all Waiting List people will then have seats!

Journey back to 1942 as we join the Society of Winemakers Interested in Local Levity (S.W.I.L.L.) for their annual gathering and fundraiser, hosted by Anna Nutherplees.  A number of local vineyard owners will be showing off their prize vintage and vying for First Place, including Jean Pierre LaFoote, a French war refugee ,and the ditzy Henrietta Hottentotten, the very young new bride of one of the oldest winemakers in the area.  Among the attendees of local celebrities and society patrons of the Who’s Who crowd is Victoria Lawless, chanteuse & femme fatale who also happens to be a total klutz.  When a death occurs, local reporter Simon Spade fulfills a dream and becomes an unlikely film noir detective to determine what happened and if international espionage is involved!

Speaking of the Veranda Tent, we will have our July and August shows at the Castle performed out there, which benefits us in two ways: more people can come see our shows those months and our audiences won’t be sweltering inside a stone building that has no air conditioning!  We will perform Will & Grace: Who Killed Stan? in July and a special performance of The Hillbillies From Hell in August.  We don’t get to perform “Hillbillies” as a public show very often, so you should definitely come on out and join the Mudpatch Family Reunion and all the Hillbilly hyjinks that ensue!!

The summer may just be on the verge of starting, but now is the best time to book for fall/winter/holiday parties for private shows!  MO Productions is available to travel to pretty much anywhere in the extended Denver Metro area, given enough notice.  We are perfect for corporate functions that want some team-building for their staff or lighthearted entertainment for their out-of-town guests for a sales meeting.  We have special low rates for charity fundraisers to allow your group to maximize the donation to your worthy cause.  And with small cast shows like “Hillbillies” or The Return of Sherlock Holmes we can even come right to your home for a party of 8 or more people!  With each passing year the demand for us grows and our calendar starts filling faster, so call early and have at least one alternate date for your party to increase your chances of booking us!  And, of course, we are always on the lookout for other public venues such as restaurants or event facilities who would like to book us for a special event for their patrons.  If you know of a place, pass it on to us.  If we book a show there, you will get a Finder$ Fee!!

If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to join the e-mail list for Cherokee Ranch & Castle.  MO Productions is only part of a fantastic Performing Arts series they have there, as well as many other public functions.  You can sign up right on their homepage as well as request a hard copy of their 2012 brochure, which MO Pro is featured in.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and patronage.  Your word-of-mouth advertising is the best endorsement we can receive to bring in new audiences.  We’d also love to feature your kind words on our website and any print material that we distribute, so please feel free to fill out a Feedback Form on our website or review us online wherever you have the opportunity.

Kind Regards,

Matthew D. Osmun – Owner/Producer/Director

MO Productions Interactive Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theatre


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