Help make MO Pro #1! The last “As Slain” of 2011! Find us on Foursquare!

Feelin’ hot hot hot!!

Wow, has it been a boiler out there or what?!  This is a special mid-month notice for y’all because we couldn’t wait until next month!!





MO Productions needs your help to stay on our hot streak in the Denver 7 A-list competition!  We’re competing for Best Theatre Group and we need your vote today!  You get one vote per e-mail address, so please register and vote for as many e-mail addresses that you have (because we know you have more than one, LOL).  It’s free and also SPAM-FREE to sign up and vote.  Visit to vote for us.  While you’re there, please vote for The Broker Restaurant and Cherokee Ranch & Castle for their separate categories as well.  The A-list is revamped for this year and many businesses are featuring special deals similar to Groupon if you vote for them.  Check it out!  Unfortunately MO Productions was not able to list a deal there however…

We are now featuring a special check-in deal on foursquare!  When you come to a performance at The Broker Restaurant you will now be able to check in on foursquare and when you do you will unlock a special Buy 1 Glass of Wine, Get 1 Free!  This special is for dinner theatre patrons only and is valid only when you attend a performance at The Broker.  Visit out foursquare page for more info:

Our next performance on August 7th at The Broker will be the last As Slain on TV for this year.  This show will go on hiatus until 2012 to make way for our new “Will & Grace” show and our special holiday show, so call 303.292.5065 today to make your reservations.  “As Slain” is one of our wildest shows yet and the group audience participation has been very fun to watch as well as be a part of.  Come watch the As Seen on TV pitchmen and women you love to hate vie for some coveted awards and try to solve a bizarre death, all with special Guest Detective… Lady Gaga!  Visit for more info.

As Slain on TV

Tune in or Die!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.  Your word of mouth is our best advertising and what keeps us growing and thriving.  Please be sure to keep talking us up and suggesting our Facebook Page and Facebook Group to your friends and family.  And don’t forget we’re available to come perform virtually anywhere, including your home!  Bring MO Productions to your next special event and you’ll be the star!

Kind Regards,

Matthew D. Osmun – Producer/Director


MO Productions Interactive Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theatre


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