Feel the Love!

Ah, February.  The middle of winter and here in Denver we’ve had record lows of -20° and now it’s in the 60’s.  Gotta love it!

Speaking of love, Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovebirds out there!  We’re in the middle of a winter break here from our public shows so that The Broker Restaurant can focus on Restaurant Week.  If you haven’t indulged yourself to RW yet, check it out: www.denver.org/denverrestaurant.


We will be back after our short hiatus mid-March.  In the meantime, we’re busy rehearsing new actors for our current show plus a brand new show altogether!  Our musical, Limited Engagement, is gearing up for another new Taylor Davenport, plus some other new blood for our regular cast!  March 12th & 13th we will feature Katie McAllister as Taylor.  Starting March 13th we welcome Lyza George as she takes over as Lilly White for our Sunday performances.  We’re excited to have Lyza join our family of actors.  More on that in a bit.  Also for “Limited”, we welcome Meegan Kiefel as she fills in for Rose White in April.  Meegan was featured as Gloria Fishbein in Have a Holly Jolly Murder back in December, and the casts and audiences LOVE her!  It’s so exciting!


Speaking of exciting, MO Productions is stoked to be expanding to a second public venue starting in March!  We will be changing our performances at The Broker Restaurant to Sunday afternoons and the price is being lowered to only $40!!  And then on Saturdays we will perform at The Cork House on Colfax Ave.  The Cork House is a wine restaurant with a lot of charm and a recently relocated/remodeled bar area.  The shows there will also be only $40!  That’s right, folks: A full three course dinner and the funniest murder mysteries in town for only $40 plus bar bill!







So, I mentioned that we are in rehearsals for a new show, remember?  Wanna know more?  Sure you do!

MO Productions is thrilled to present the debut of As Slain on TV.  This new show is one of our wackiest yet!  Here’s the scoop:

It’s the first annual As Seen on TV Awards, hosted by Anthony Sullivan. A number of famous (or infamous) TV Pitchmen and Pitchwomen are on hand to see who will win. Among them are Vince Offer (ShamWow) and Cathy Mitchell (10 Second Smoothie). The previously unknown child of another pitchman makes a surprise appearance, and on hand to present a special award is… Lady Gaga? With so many wacky personalities in the same room, it doesn’t take long before rivalries are revealed and accusations made about people stealing each other’s ideas. When someone dies, figuring out whodunit may take longer than a Chia Pet to grow!!

Due to sexual humor and suggestive adult language, this show is rated PG-13.

As Slain on TV

Tune in or Die!

We have a number of new faces joining some of our veterans for this new show.  The role of Lady Gaga will be split by the talented Devra Keyes (who has been featured as Jackie Justice/Watson in The Return of Sherlock Holmes), Giovanna Leah (our Lucy in I Love Lucy… to Death! and Lilly in Limited Engagement), and newcomers Lyza George and Meredith Avery.  How does Lady Gaga fit into a show about As Seen on TV pitchmen?  You’ll have to come and find out!  The role of illegitimate child Billie Mays will be split by newcomer Victor Ferrer and the incomparable Tanya Obernyer (Myron in Columbo’s Crazy Caper, Carol in Ship ‘Til You Drop… Dead!, Maybelline in The Hillbillies From Hell, and Ethel in I Love Lucy… to Death!).  Another talented newcomer, Debbie Cameron, will play Cathy Mitchell (of 10 Second Smoothie and Express Redi-Set-Go fame).  Stage Manager extraordinaire Dan Bergman is practicing his British dialect to transform in Anthony Sullivan.  And Producer/Director Matthew D. Osmun is slipping into the slimy skin of Vince Offer aka the ShamWow Guy.  And the audience characters in this show?  Let’s just say you’ll know them all!  This show is definitely PG-13 folks.

As Slain on TV

Tune in or Die!

Here is the schedule for March & April:

Limited Engagement – A Musical Murder Mystery

@ The Cork House – 4900 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220 – 303.355.4488

Saturdays March 12th & April 2nd – Seating promptly at 6:00

@ The Broker Restaurant – 821 17th St, Denver, CO 80202 – 303.292.5065

Sundays March 13th & April 3rd – Seating Promptly at 3:30


As Slain on TV

@ The Cork House – 4900 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220 – 303.355.4488

Saturdays March 19th & April 16th – Seating promptly at 6:00

@ The Broker Restaurant – 821 17th St, Denver, CO 80202 – 303.292.5065

Sundays March 20th & April 17th – Seating Promptly at 3:30


MO Productions is also in negotiations for a couple other new public venues right now!  We can’t say more until the paperwork is signed, though.  Keep an eye out on our performance calendar to see when new dates are added.  Also, don’t forget we are available for your private party at any location!  With enough notice we can travel pretty much anywhere within reason, including to your home!  Call 303.408.4246 for more info on booking a private show for a special party or fund raiser!

Lastly, we need your help!  Our FAQ page needs questions.  We have been compiling a list of ones we’ve received, but your input is also appreciated.  Keep the interactiveness of MO Productions going through not only our shows but our website.  We want your FAQ.  Also, if you attend a show and take photos of the evening, please send ’em to us!  Just e-mail them to photos@moproductions.net.  We are nothing without you, our audiences and supporters.  We appreciate and rely on you to help us to continue to succeed!


Kind Regards,

Matthew D. Osmun – Producer/Director

MO Productions

MO Productions Interactive Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theatre


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