MO Productions is a Winner! Auditions this month!!

Wow!  Just wow!

Thanks to everyone who voted, MO Productions made it to the Top 5 Best Theatre Groups in Denver on the Denver 7 A-List!!  This couldn’t have happened without you, and we are very excited to have placed in the contest.  Next year let’s place even higher!!


Congrats to us!

Riding the excitement of this win, we are thrilled to be offering two very fun performances this month.  This Saturday, Oct 9th, we have Limited Engagement – A Musical Murder Mystery Featuring Jennifer Wilde.  This show is fast becoming a favorite among MO Pro fans as well as the staff at The Broker.  Every performance features a Special Guest Star actor playing the role of Taylor Davenport, and this weekend it is Jennifer Wilde, formerly of the Alice 105.9 Morning Show!  After that, we have a special Halloween event on Saturday, Oct 30th.  Our performance of The Return of Sherlock Holmes will be preceded by FREE readings from local psycho psychics in the Lounge from 4:00-6:00 p.m.  So come early and get a free tarot or other reading during Happy Hour before the show.  Here’s the info for the shows at The Broker:

The Broker Restaurant – 821 17th St, Denver, CO 80202 – 303.292.5065

Seating is promptly at 6:00, and the shows run until around 9:30.  $50/person includes the show, three course meal, non-alcoholic beverages, tax and tip.  Bar bill is separate.  Reservations are required.

Limited Engagement – 10/9 & 11/13, The Return of Sherlock Holmes – 10/30 & 11/20.  Both shows will take a break from public performances over the holidays and be back in January.  Dates to be determined.

So, does this mean no shows in December?  Au contraire!  MO Productions is excited to debut yet another new show, Have a Holly Jolly Murder!  This special holiday show will run for selected public performances at The Broker as Sunday matinees on Nov. 28th, Dec. 5th, Dec. 12th & Dec. 19th. with seating at 3:00 p.m.  Pricing and menu has not been finalized yet, but please call The Broker with any questions.  This new show will feature musical numbers and the setting is a Christmas Pageant set in 1988, so it’s going to be a totally tubular show, like ya know?

Speaking of which, we are looking for new blood!  MO Productions will be holding open auditions for “Holly Jolly” as well as looking for potential actors for other shows on Sunday, Oct. 17th.  Auditions will be held at The Broker from 3:00-6:00 p.m.  No appointment is necessary.  The characters for “Holly Jolly” are Gloria Fishbein – A Jewish stage mother, Timothy Cratchet – A shy, nebbish kind of guy who yearns to be a star, Stacie Sugarplum – The pretty girl who succeeds at everything she does and is admired/hated by everyone, and Victor Scrooge – The charity’s board member who’s been appointed a judge for the pageant and is also a descendant of Ebenezer Scrooge.  For more info about auditions, please visit later this week or call 303.408.4246.

As you can see, MO Productions continues to grow and succeed.  None of this could happen without you!  We thank you for continuing to support and talk us up!  Please be sure to become a member of our Facebook Page and our Facebook Group.

Kind Regards,

Matthew D. Osmun – Producer/Director

MO Productions Interactive Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theatre


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