“Limited Engagement” is here! Vote for MO Productions!

Greetings all you happy campers!!

MO Productions is excited to premiere our new show, Limited Engagement, this coming weekend at The Broker Restaurant.  The rehearsals have been going well, and the cast is having a blast.  This new Musical Murder Mystery features not only 7 musical numbers, but also a Special Guest Star actor playing the role of Taylor Davenport.  Here’s our lineup:

August 14 – Peter A. Stone – Peter is an MO Pro veteran, having most recently appeared as Fred Mertz in I Love Lucy… to Death! We’ve never seen Peter chew scenery like this before!

September 18 – Gennipher Staroscik – Gennipher is making her MO Pro debut with Limited Engagement and is very excited to go psycho on everyone!

October 9 – Jennifer Wilde – Jennifer is an award-winning radio personality (formerly of the Alice 105.9 Morning Show) turned actor, and we are extremely happy to have her on board for her first MO Pro show!!

November 13 – Rob Purper – Rob is another MO Pro veteran and audience favorite, best known for his role as Andy Quartz in Columbo’s Crazy Caper.  It will be a wild ride this night!!

All shows require reservations, so call The Broker and book today: 303.292.5065

The Return of Sherlock Holmes also continues to do well, and will be running through November at the very least.  Our performance dates are 8/28, 9/25, 10/30 & 11/20.  Our 9/25 show will feature two different actors filling the roles of Jackie Justice/Dr. Watson and Madame Mariska/Mariska Bogdanov.  Newcomer Devra Keyes will be playing Jackie/Watson, and Giovanna Leah (who was Lucy in I Love Lucy… to Death! and is also Lilly in Limited Engagement) will play Madame Mariska.  It will be a very fun night with these two talented ladies bringing their own spin on these characters!!

MO Productions has been nominated for Best Theatre Group by the Denver 7 A-list, and we need your vote!  Voting goes until 9/17, so please pass the word.  As of now, we’re in 4th place.  Only the top three businesses get any recognition when the voting’s done, so please help us get back into the top three!!  Go to ctvr.us/moproductions and register yourself and vote.  It’s quick and painless, and placing in this contest would help highlight our business to the rest of Denver!  The Broker is also nominated for Best Romantic Restaurant.  Please vote for them at ctvr.us/thebroker.  Please pass the word on to your friends as well.  Every vote counts!!

Even though it’s August, people are planning ahead for the holidays.  The Broker and MO Productions are receiving inquiries for holiday parties, so if you want to have Denver’s funniest murder mystery company to provide the entertainment for your holiday party, please call 303.408.4246 today!  You can book your party at The Broker, bring MO Productions to another location, or even to your home!  We have The Hillbillies From Hell as the perfect Home Party show, and also we will offer a special holiday show for November & December only called Have a Holly Jolly Murder, which will be a 1980’s holiday pageant-themed show and also a Musical Murder Mystery!  Call today!

Our sister company in PA, White Rose Productions, continues to book ’em fast-n-furious, so everyone back in PA, take a look at their performance schedule and see if there’s a show near you!!

We hope to see you at a performance soon.  Call The Broker today and make your reservations!  Help get the word out about MO Pro.  We have a second easy web site address for you to remember and give to other people: www.murdermysterydenver.com, so pass it on.  Your word of mouth is our best advertisement!!

Thanks, and stay cool out there!!

Matthew D. Osmun – Producer/Director

Call Today!


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