Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot!

Well, July is here, and BANG! we’re off and running again!  MO Productions has just celebrated our 1st Anniversary, and we continue to survive in this slow economy.

We’re happy to announce our return yet again to Hamburger Mary’s.  Our debut performance of Shop ‘Til You Drop… Dead there SOLD OUT and we actually had to turn over a dozen people away!!!!  MO Productions presents The Hillbillies From Hell on Friday, July 24th.  Seating times are still to be determined, but please check back on our website or www.hamburgermarysdenver.com for show times.  Reservations are recommended and will be available through the Hamburger Mary’s website shortly.  Price is only $10.00 and then you may order food and beverages à la carte once you arrive.  Admission will be $15.00 at the door, so if you reserve ahead of time, you can save $5.00!

Y'all ain't comin' back now, ya hear?!

Y'all ain't comin' back now, ya hear?!

Join the Mudpatch Family reunion and see what Cousins Maybelline & Buford have in store for y’all.  Due to sexual humor, this show is rated PG-13.

MO Productions will be offering The Hillbillies From Hell as an alternate show to our main production at all times, and it is also the perfect show for a smaller private home party of 8+ people.  This show uses only two actors, so it is very affordable for a smaller private event.  Check out our recent private performance on YouTube!

Not only are we on YouTube, but MO Productions has our own page on Facebook.  So, if you’re a Facebook member, please become a Fan of MO Productions there!  And please pass the word.  The more exposure we get, the better we can serve you and have more performances!!

We have decided to postpone the opening of The Wizard of Ozzy until 2010, because of the slower economy, and instead will continue to offer our current show, Shop ‘Til You Drop… Dead, as well as our previous show, Columbo’s Crazy Caper and The Hillbillies From Hell through the end of this year.  That’s three different quality shows to choose from!!  We will announce the audition dates and location for The Wizard of Ozzy this fall.

I would like to thank the casts of Columbo’s Crazy Caper, Shop ‘Til You Drop… Dead, & The Hillbillies From Hell for their willingness to stay available for performances, and also to our growing fan base of patrons who have attended our shows and shown interest in MO Productions.  We’re getting calls and e-mails inquiring about parties for the holiday season, and we look forward to growing our base of venues, both public and private.  And don’t forget, MO Productions offers special discounted pricing for being the entertainment for your Charity Fund Raiser!

I would also like to thank my former partner, Cheryl Lynn, the Producer of White Rose Productions, our sister company, in Pennsylvania, for her continued support and words of wisdom.  White Rose Productions continues to wow ’em in PA, and produces very well-received shows written by Cheryl, the latest show in rehearsal being Rachael Ray’s Food Network Nightmare!, and from what I’ve heard, it sounds like it’s going to be one of the funniest shows yet!  MO Productions will continue to offer shows previously produced by White Rose Productions, so if you visit their website and see a past show that you’d like MO Productions to produce, let us know!  We are also developing a show called As Slain on TV, which will feature The Infomercial Awards, and many of the people you see at 3 in the morning while you channel surf.

Thank you for your continued support and word of mouth.  It truly is our best advertisement!  Please visit our newly updated website, and if you know of a venue or organization that you think MO Productions would be the perfect entertainment for, please let us know!

Kind Regards,

Matthew D. Osmun



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