Start Off Your Summer With MO Productions!

Hi there!

We had a great Dress Rehearsal at the Mercury Café the other week, and are gearing up to debut Shop ‘Til You Drop… Dead at Club M/Hamburger Mary’s next Friday, the 22nd.  Reservations are still available, but starting to move!  Here’s the info:

  • Shop ‘Til You Drop… Dead

Club M – Hamburger Mary’s
702 E. 17th Ave.
Denver, CO 80203

Friday, May 22nd
Seating 6:30, Dinner & Show promptly @ 7:00 (In other words, get there at 6:30 so you can order your food!)
Reservations Strongly Encouraged!!
$10/person for the show
Food/Beverages separate – menu available at show
Visit to make reservations.

We’re very excited to offer the performance for such a great value!  You only reserve for your ticket to the show, and then will be able to order your food and beverages à la carte once you arrive.

Retail can be murder!

Retail can be murder!

We also have a great party idea for your summer Bar-B-Q or other get-together: The Hillbillies From Hell!  This show is designed for a private home party in mind.  Bring two of our talented actors and a stage manager to transform your party into the Mudpatch Family Reunion, complete with hootin’ and a-hollerin’.  We’ll turn 8 or more of your party guests into Mudpatch family members and have them interact with Buford & Maybelline Mudpatch.  This party show is very affordable and shorter to allow you and your guests to have fun before and after the show.

Y'all ain't comin' back now.  Ya hear?!

Y'all ain't comin' back now. Ya hear?!

Pass on the word that MO Productions is Denver’s NEW murder mystery company to provide you quality entertainment at an affordable rate.  Help stimulate the economy and laugh while you figure out Whodunit!

You’ll Die Laughing!!!

Matthew D. Osmun



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