Let’s Go to the Mall!

Greetings and Happy Spring to everyone!  It’s April, and the only foolin’ MO Productions has been doing is laughing at ourselves during rehearsals.

We are busy rehearsing two great new shows for the Denver area: Shop ‘Til You Drop… Dead and The Hillbillies From Hell.  Read on to learn more, and be sure to visit moproductions.net for more info!!

Retail can be murder!

Retail can be murder!

MO Productions is excited to introduce our newest show: Shop ‘Til You Drop… Dead!  Come join the mall managers and store owners of the Fountain Commons mall as they hold their quarterly meeting of the Fountain Commons’ Community Committee.  Besides typical boring mall business, the Committee is voting for which of three finalists will be the mall’s upcoming holiday mascot, and it’s rumored that the mall Manager has discovered who the mysterious Vandal is that’s been causing distress and destruction to many merchants in the mall for the past few months.  Will the Vandal allow his or herself to be revealed?  If you’ve ever worked in a mall or know someone who has, this show is a real hoot and spoof of the typical (and not-so-typical) mall merchants.  Shop ‘Til You Drop… Dead will be available starting in May and run through September.  Our Dress Rehearsal will be May 5th and is by invitation only.  If you’d like to be invited to the Dress Rehearsal, drop us an e-mail!  Our first scheduled performance is May 22nd:

  • Shop ‘Til You Drop… Dead

Club M – Hamburger Mary’s
702 E. 17th Ave.
Denver, CO 80203

Friday, May 22nd
Seating 6:30, Dinner & Show promptly @ 7:00 (In other words, get there at 6:30 so you can order your food!)
Reservations Required
$10/person for the show
Food/Beverages separate – menu available at show
Visit http://www.hamburgermarysdenver.com/node/187 to make reservations.

We’re very excited to offer the performance for such a great value!  You only reserve for your ticket to the show, and then will be able to order your food and beverages à la carte once you arrive!!  So come and eat and drink as much or as little as you like.  If this format goes over well, we’re sure Hamburger Mary’s will have us back more often.  Make your reservations now!!

Y'all ain't comin' back now.  Ya hear?!

Y'all ain't comin' back now. Ya hear?!

Y'all ain't comin' back now.  Ya hear?!

Y'all ain't comin' back now. Ya hear?!

The Hillbillies From Hell is our other new production.  This show will be available primarily for a Home Murder Mystery Party of 8 or more people, but can also be an alternate show to our main production.  Come join Buford and Maybelline Mudpatch as they visit their rich cousin who is hosting a Mudpatch Family Reunion.  Maybelline has brought along her Critter Crispers containers to hawk like Tupperware, and Buford is a hootin’ and a hollerin’ right alongside her, catching up with all their kin.  When one of the Mudpatches goes to the ole trailer in the sky, a long-lost relative shows up to solve the case!  This show is shorter than our regular shows, and very affordable for your private home party, even in this economy!!  We have two casts chompin’ at the bit to start peformin’ for y’all startin’ in June, so give us a call!

We bid a fond farewell to Columbo’s Crazy Caper, our inaugural production.  The cast did a fantastic job to help get the ball rolling for MO Productions and getting our name out there.  Columbo may be done with its initial run, but the cast is available for a private performance for your corporate or home party.  Please e-mail us with the details of your event, and we will do everything we can to bring Columbo to you!!

Looking forward to the end of the year, MO Productions will hold auditions for our Oct-Feb show, The Wizard of Ozzy, later this summer.  More info will come as we get closer.  This show follows the wacky antics of that bleepin’ Osbourne Family as Sharon holds a fund raiser for her charity, The Sharon Osbourne Pomeranian Charity Fund, and features Ozzy Bingo as well as a surprise guest detective!

Thank you for continuing to support MO Productions, and keep the positive comments coming.  We certainly appreciate your word of mouth and look forward to seeing you in our audience soon!

Kind Regards,

Matthew D. Osmun
MO Productions


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