Fabulous in February!

Greetings from the winter that won’t stay winter!  This is our first “official” blog on the new blog page, and I’m happy to bring you some updates for MO Productions!  If you’ve just stumbled upon our blog, MO Productions is Denver, CO’s newest and funniest interactive murder mystery comedy dinner theatre company.  Enjoy the read!

First of all, if you haven’t been to our website lately, take a look!  We have made updates and added content.  More will be coming soon.  Special thanks to Erin N. for some cast shots backstage at our last performance!

We had a very well received second performance of Columbo’s Crazy Caper a few weeks ago at Hamburger Mary’s.  The audience loved the show, and demonstrated how much they were paying attention by asking far more questions during our Q & A at the end of Act II than I’ve seen at a performance in a loooong time.  Our actors really had to be on their game for some of these well-thought out questions!  We will not be at Hamburger Mary’s for February, as they have a very full schedule.  But, if you’d like them to have us back, please let Mary’s know!  Your word of mouth can be quite influential!  E-mail mary@hamburgermarysdenver.com and let them know you’d like to see us back there!  Columbo’s Crazy Caper has been extended through May, so don’t miss out on booking or seeing our very funny inaugural production!!

Columbo's Crazy Caper

We are very busy contacting potential venues, and even Cheryl Lynn, my former partner at White Rose Productions back in PA, is lending a hand, making calls and sending e-mails out to prospects for us.  Thank you, Cheryl, for helping us out!  If anyone is traveling to or has friends or family in the Allentown, PA area, please visit White Rose Productions’ site and see where they’ll be next!  And if you know of a restaurant, banquet hall, country club, or charity group that you think MO Productions would be a good fit for, please let us know!

MO Productions is adding a new show to offer for a private home party, as well as an alternate for our main production.  The Hillbillies From Hell transforms your group into the Mudpatch Family Reunion.  Join the clan as Maybelline and Buford Mudpatch entertain their kin from Kentucky with a lot of good old-fashioned Hillbilly Hyjinks!  There’s a lot of hootin’ and a hollerin’ until someone bites the dust!  This show is designed for a home party of 8+ people or can be presented in a larger public venue.  Our rates are extremely affordable for this show, even in this economy!!  Do something different for Dad’s birthday or just a fun night with a group of friends!  Hillbillies will be ready for performances starting in mid-March, and possibly even sooner.

We are also happy to announce the auditions for our next main production, Shop ‘Til You Drop… Dead.  Auditions will be held Tuesday & Wednesday, March 10th & 11th, from 6:00-8:30 p.m. at the Montclair Recreation Center in Lowry.  The address is 729 Ulster Way, Denver, CO 80230.  Auditioners may come one night or the other.  For audition information and full character descriptions, please visit our Audition Page or call 303.408.4246.  We are looking for four women and three men.  The show will be offered from May through August, with the possibility of extension.

I’d like to thank all of our audiences so far, as well as the cast of Columbo’s Crazy Caper for the support and encouragement we’ve received.  We are looking forward to helping to stimulate the economy and help take your minds off your worries for a few hours some night soon in 2009.  Remember, your word of mouth is our best advertisement and our biggest resource!

Thanks and stay warm (if it ever stays cold)!!

Matthew D. Osmun


MO Productions


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